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What’s in a Name?

“Why is it a Yellow Lime? Why don’t you just call it a lemon?” asked my 8-year-old son, Oliver. “Because,” I said, “that’s what makes it fun!”
Holiday Traditions with Yellow Lime
The holidays can be a wild time for everyone, between making lots of dishes, hosting parties, and getting the ‘right’ gift for your family members. But, having special holiday traditions can create meaningful memories and make the holiday season a little ✨brighter.✨
Chickens and Eggs and Turkeys, Oh My!
Have you ever thought much about where our poultry comes from? We hadn’t really until we started working with Michigan Allied Poultry Industries (MAPI for short) in 2017.
Following Your Dreams Doesn't Mean it Has to be Selfish
Just south of the bridge between Holland’s north and south sides, did you know we have a rock climbing gym there? Too many people in our opinion have never heard of Scrapyard Climbing Collective, a hidden gem right here in Holland. 💎 
Neuromarketing: Connecting with the Old Brain
Your brain controls your thoughts, emotions, senses, breathing, hunger and every other process that regulates your body. But have you ever considered what happens when your brain and marketing meet?
The Value of Community and How Nonprofits Fuel Them
The Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance is focused on helping Ottawa County nonprofit organizations succeed in their missions to care for and support the people in our area. We love being able to support them in their mission!
A Love Story Through Plumbing
We love all our clients, so we wanted to take a moment to highlight them and all their hard work. Scott DeBoer of Godwin Plumbing is one of those amazing people.

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