Get to Know Us

If you clicked on the “Us” button, clearly there’s more you wanted to know. Learn our who, what, why, and how (just not the when. The when depends on you).

Alex Tillard

Creative Director + Owner

Alex started Yellow Lime right before the pandemic hit and was pretty surprised at how it took off so quickly. She was a graphic designer for 10 years before she started diving more into marketing and creative strategy, and that’s still her first love. When she’s not working, she’s hanging out with her three kiddos, husband, and two doodles.

Jess Berens

Project Director

Jess is the Project Director at Yellow Lime, meaning the keeper and organizer of all the things. She’s been working in the wild, wild west of marketing since 2016 and has a special affinity for to-do lists. When she’s not working, you can probably find her playing Super Mario or running around with her two littles.

Sang Kim

Tech Director

Sang is a web and tech mastermind who loves to solve problems in a creative way. He always pushes our team to be the best we can be. Sang cut his teeth in advertising and marketing in 2011 while managing his freelance web business until he found his home with Yellow Lime. Sang loves to chill with his wife, Kristen, and their two kids in his "free time".

Calla Webster

Project Manager

Calla is Yellow Lime’s Project Manager, helping us stay organized and communicating with our clients. She’s been working in marketing since 2019, and she keeps us hip with the latest trends in social media, music, and clothes. And her sense of humor keeps us laughing pretty much nonstop. When she’s not at work, she loves to read, play video games, and travel.
Let's Be Friends


We’re a small and spunky marketing agency who builds strong relationships with other humans, designs and implements fruitful marketing strategies, and creates beautiful marketing materials for the organizations we work with.


To make marketing fun and accessible for our local community.


Yellow Lime Value: RelationshipsYellow Lime Value: Relationships Watermelon


It all starts with relationships. We’re all humans (the robots haven’t taken over yet), and having a meaningful connection with each other is at the top of our list.

Yellow Lime Value: Honesty


We won’t hide behind anything. We’ll have hard conversations, set healthy boundaries, admit what we don’t know, and always tell the truth.

Yellow Lime Value: BalanceYellow Lime Value: Balance Strawberry


As humans, we desire to balance our time, our energy, and our focus. We make sure we have time with our loved ones, time for rest, and time to pursue our interests.

Yellow Lime Value: CollaborationYellow Lime Value: Collaboration Peach


As a creative team, we don’t work in a vacuum. We ask tough questions, listen openly, challenge assumptions, and share what we learn. And a good YouTube video never goes awry.

Yellow Lime Value: Yellow Lime Value: Beauty Pomegranate


Beautiful design catches attention. Beautiful words compel people to action. Beautiful websites are easy to navigate. And beautiful souls make a difference in the world.

Yellow Lime Value: CuriosityYellow Lime Value: Curiosity Grapefruit


We are explorers, not settlers. We have the courage to explore new technologies, industries, and strategies. If we don’t have the answer, we’re not afraid to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll look into it.”


Living our values means we are able to do really great work. When you work with us, here’s what you can expect.


We like to stay in touch. We communicate with openness, check in regularly, and make sure you know what’s going on. No ghosting allowed.


We love lists and charts and tracking progress. We make plans, manage the details, and keep track of the data. We stay flexible, too.


We really like to have a good time. In meetings, you’ll hear us crack jokes, quote pop culture, and share memes. Laughter’ll cure what ails ya.

Psst... Hey!

We'll be closed from December 23rd - January 1st. See you in the new year!